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7:00 p.m. Sunday Class on Civil Discourse

What If?


What if you belonged to a church that you really loved, but you found yourself on opposite ends of the political spectrum from 50% of your fellow parishioners?  What if this left you feeling alienated in your own church?  In fact, you feel as if it is getting harder and harder to carry on any conversation at all?

Now what if those on the other end of the spectrum are feeling the same way?  And what if there were a free course available to you that taught techniques for carrying on discourse under these trying conditions?  Would you take it?  On the condition that nobody tried to convince anybody else of anything?  On the understanding that all of you just want to find a way to stay in relationship?  On the condition that there are to be no personal attacks?

I want to offer you this course.  It involves listening to some videos, and then working together in small groups to explore the ideas presented.  The groups ARE small, and the clergy have their own group.   You are on your own; all we do is run the equipment.

My name is Alan Horvath.  Most of you don’t know me since my wife and I only started attending the church shortly before the lockdown.  We have tried getting integrated through book studies, and I did make it to the last Over the Hill gang Pizza night, but mostly we are still strangers.  However, I have been around Episcopal churches for at least 40 years.  The thing I love about the Episcopal church is there always seems to be both ends of the spectrum.  And so far, my experience is that we manage to work that out.  I think the most sincere complement I ever got was from a fellow parishioner at a men’s club meeting in Pleasant Hill.  He announced, unprompted, that while he didn’t agree with much of anything I said, he knew I was a good person. 

I think that is the sign of a good church.  And from what I have heard, that is the church that you have all grown to love.  But right now it feels like it is under siege.   I am convinced that this course can help.

Between now and election, things are likely to get worse not better, so the sooner we try this out the better.  We have already run this course once.  It is called Civil Discourse.  I was one of the first round participants, and our biggest complaint was that there were not enough of us to make a dent.  So we are offering it again, and I have agreed to run the Audio/Video.

Our intent is to run this as Zoom meetings every Sunday evening at 7PM starting on September 20 and running through October 25th.  We ask that you budget 90 minutes for each meeting, though we may not always use it all.  It is NOT necessary that you attend every session.  However, we DO ask for an honest attempt to do so.  This time is not about filling your head with knowledge, but rather filling your heart with relationships.  If you do not already know all the other members of your small group, you WILL get to know them well and with affection.  It’s worth the price of admission for that alone.

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please email me, Alan Horvath at ASAP so I can email you a link to the sessions.  You will not be disappointed.


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