About Holy Eucharist

What is the Holy Eucharist?  The Holy Eucharist is the sacrament commanded by Christ for the continual remembrance of his life, death, and resurrection, until his coming again.

Why is the Eucharist called a sacrifice?  Because the Eucharist, the Church’s sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, is the way by which the sacrifice of Christ is made present, and in which he unites us to his one offering of himself.

By what other names is this service known?  The Holy Eucharist is called the Lord’s Supper, and Holy Communion; it is also known as the Divine Liturgy, the Mass, and the Great Offering.

What is the outward and visible sign in the Eucharist?  The outward and visible sign in the Eucharist is bread and wine or grape juice, given and received according to Christ’s command.

What is the inward and spiritual grace given in the Eucharist?  The inward and spiritual grace in the Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of Christ given to his people, and received by faith.

What are the benefits which we receive in the Lord’s Supper?  The benefits we receive are the forgiveness of our sins, the strengthening of our union with Christ and one another, and the foretaste of the heavenly banquet which is our nourishment in eternal life.

What is required of us when we come to the Eucharist?  It is required that we should examine our lives, repent of our sins, and be in love and charity with all people.


Here at St. Paul’s everyone is invited to receive Holy Communion. 

Helpful Hints for Receiving Holy Communion

  • Everyone is invited to receive Holy Communion. Everyone!
  • The usher will let you know when it is time for your row to go up.
  • Watch the people in front of you to get the flow of things.
  • Only receive bread in your palm if you are skipping the chalice.
  • To receive the bread and if you want to Intinct (“dipping” the wafer into the cup of wine/grape juice) the minister will place the wafer between your thumb & pointer fingers (pinch it) then you can Intinct (dip) the wafer into the chalice.
  • Please do not drink from the cup. Intinction only.
  • There is a designated chalice on the north side, that has grape juice.
  • If you would like a gluten free wafer, get a small black stone from the basket in the back of the worship space on the north side. Present it to the clergy and they will exchange it for a gluten free wafer.
  • If you wish to receive Holy Communion, but are unable to go up, please inform an usher and they will inform the clergy who will bring Communion to you in your seat.
  • If you prefer not to go up to the altar for any reason, feel free to remain in your seat.

If you have any questions about Holy Communion and/ or the Episcopal Church, please visit with one of our clergy after the service or contact them during the week at 775-358-4474.