St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Praise Team

The St. Paul’s Praise Team is a fellowship of volunteers whose focus is to provide inspiration for St. Paul’s parishioners by providing uplifting and liturgically-adherent music at Sunday’s contemporary services. Each volunteer donates his or her time in order that St. Paul’s weekly contemporary service – and St. Paul’s as a whole – shall continue to provide a faithful and inspirational worship venue for the surrounding communities. We of the Praise team recognize that a church’s main function is to strive for the spiritual betterment of its parishioners and the community as a whole, and as such we strive to adhere to the following values:

  • We seek to provide uplifting, inspirational, and liturgically-adherent music without pomp and/or excess.
  • We seek to maintain the powerful friendships and emotional bonds that connect us to the congregation as a whole.
  • We encourage any and all general parishioner questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, constructive criticism, and compliments.
  • We encourage parishioner’s song requests and will endeavor to fulfill all such requests when reasonable and liturgically acceptable, or provide sensible explanation.
  • We do not seek controversy and will attempt to avoid any behavior (musical or otherwise)which might raw attention to the Praise Team and away from the congregation’s spiritual growth and well being.

The Praise team will continue to provide the est music we can and in the end we hope that our congregation will achieve the spiritual growth for which we all strive and from which we all benefit.


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