St. Paul's Episcopal Church

About Holy Eucharist

Holy Communion

Here at St. Paul’s everyone is invited to receive Holy Communion.

How to Receive Holy Communion

The ushers will direct your row when it is time to go up for Communion. Unless you are in the front row, you can follow the person in front of you. To receive the bread, rest one hand in the other, palm upward. To drink from the cup of wine, please help guide it to your lips. If you wish to “intinct” (dip the bread in the wine), simply hold the bread up so the chalice minister will know that is your preference. If you wish, you may choose to receive only the bread. If this is your preference, please stay at the altar rail until the chalice minister comes to you, then cross your arms over your chest.

After you have received the bread and wine, it is appropriate to say, “Amen,” which is a way of saying, “so be it” or “yes.” This openness is a wonderful way to acknowledge God at work in your life through the sacrament. After you have received the bread and the wine you may return to your seat.

If you wish to receive Holy Communion, but are unable to go up, please inform an usher and they will inform the clergy who will bring Communion to you in your seat.

If you prefer not to go up to the altar for any reason, feel free to remain in your seat.

If you have any questions about Holy Communion and/ or the Episcopal Church, please visit with one of our clergy after the service or contact them during the week at 775-358-4474.